Shilla Hotel’s representative attraction ‘Yeongbingwan Hujeong’ will be transformed into a camping site. Seoul Shilla Hotel announced on the 28th that it will introduce an emotional camping package called “Summer Night with Helinox” aimed at the Hocance people. The package will be held only for six days from the 31st of this month to August 5th in collaboration with global outdoor product brand Helinox.

Helinox’s large shade (shade) was installed in the rear of the guesthouse, and a table, camping chair, and a ‘Wick’ table lamp were installed inside so that you can feel the camping sensibility properly. The project was carried out as part of the city’s direction of “accompanied by the weak” and civic safety measures in preparation for the summer heat wave. It will apply to the energy-vulnerable class living in Yeongdeungpo-gu, where the headquarters of Hanwha Hotel & Resort’s Estate division is located.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Energy Welfare Citizens’ Fund has raised a total of 11.2 billion won from 2015 to 2021 to carry out various projects such as residential energy efficiency, replacing energy-efficient products, and supporting cooling and heating products to about 360,000 households. It is operated by the Seoul Social Welfare Council designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as a private-led fund to support citizens and business-sponsored donations and citizens’ profits from energy production and savings.

“The energy-vulnerable people live in an environment with poor energy efficiency, so energy consumption is high,” Yoo Yeon-sik, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s climate and environment division, said. “Since 2017, we thank the executives and employees of Hanwha Hotel and Resort Estates who are in need.”

Lee Kang-man, CEO of Hanwha Hotel & Resort Estate, said, “In line with Hanwha Group’s social contribution activities, our company has continued to support its neighbors in need, and I think it is more meaningful and rewarding to support them through residential energy efficiency projects this year.”

The guesthouse event, where you can enjoy camping, runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and offers barbecue sets “Outdoor Gourmet” and “Summer Night Cinema.” Outdoor Gourmet consisted of barbecue plates, abalone ramen, fruits and alcoholic beverages. 서울 호텔 추천 For about two hours from 8 p.m., the Emerald Hall will screen a movie that will add to the beauty of outdoor camping.

The Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters decided to conduct on-site safety consulting for hotels in the city that are frequently used by citizens in the summer. The grand prize is 10 hotels in Jung-gu and Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which operate a “hocance” program where hotels in the city spend their summer vacations, and will run until the 29th. In preparation for the fire, the Fire and Disaster Headquarters plans to check the hotel’s evacuation safety plan and check whether major firefighting facilities such as sprinklers operate normally and properly manage evacuation facilities.

According to the Fire and Disaster Headquarters, there have been 233 fires at hotels and other accommodations in Seoul over the past five years, killing 14 people, injuring 76 others, and causing property damage of about 1.57 billion won.

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